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False Ceiling

A false ceiling using gypsum plasterboard is very easy to do. It will take approximately one week to do a plain false ceiling and anywhere from 1-2 weeks for designer false ceilings depending on the complexity. So a false ceiling can be done in as much time or faster than a paint job.False ceilings using gypsum plasterboard can be finished using any type of paint, wallpaper or laminate. The major advantage of a gypsum plasterboard false ceiling over conventional plastered finishes is that since it is a machine-finished surface, you can get seamless, smooth, undulation-free finishes. This means you can colour your ceilings and also use the high-end white colour paints you typically use for your walls on your ceilings; paint companies don’t normally recommend such products for a plastered surface as they tend to show the waviness on the surface.